Tattoo Aftercare Products that Work!

You love to show off your body art, but you wish that it looked as good as the day you got it. 

If you have tried all the other balms, and creams, and lotions that just leave you feeling greasy, sticky, and smelly, and you think your tattoos will never look vibrant again without having to get a painful touchup. 

Worry no more. Tatsaver products have been expertly formulated by the leading skincare scientists to provide you with a solution that works. 

Our powerful ingredients band together to bring you products that makes caring for your ink simple:
– Powerful mung bean peptides
– Oxidant-defying green tea and pomegranate peptides
– Ink brightener vitamin C
– Hydrating vitamin E
– Color-saving CPX complex with Heliogenol
– Moisturizing aloe
– Cold-pressed sunflower oil
– Replenishing bamboo stem cells

Our products are gentle and effective enough for sensitive facial skin but should not be applied to a fresh-off-the-press tattoo.

A Rebel with a Cause

Never forget that night you finally finished your first sleeve or that first fresh image. Your style is inspiring, and the way you care for it matters. Infuse your tattoo with the top-of-the-line, cosmetic-professional-backed ingredients designed by people who care about ink. Your tattoo aftercare kit is not complete without this tattoo revitalizer by TATSAVER.
Everyone knows someone who regrets getting a tattoo. Don’t regret losing yours to the fade by maintaining it with TATSAVER’s line of intelligent products.